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Hot Mess Express Nonprofit


When I'm not hosting girl's nights, I am pouring myself into my other passion; Hot Mess Express Nonprofit. 

I had the opportunity to be at the first ever HME rescue mission. I've been coordinating them ever since and am now President and Board Chair of this amazing organization. Through this HME, I've found a supportive community and lifelong friendships with likeminded women who just get it. 

Building a nonprofit from the ground up is no easy feat and it would not be possible without our fantastic team of women. I love any opportunity to talk about Hot Mess Express and share my story on how I helped grow a nonprofit that is all about removing the societal expectations placed on women and creating that village everyone says we need!

Hot Mess Express is a group of women who are here to rescue each other when we can't seem to dig ourselves out of our funk. Through nominations, we dispatch ourselves to the houses of our fellow women who need help; laundry, dishes, vacuuming, food prep, hygiene … whatever feels overwhelming! 


Thank you for joining us as we offer our hands and our hearts to pull our fellow women out of the funk we all find ourselves in sometimes.

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